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Summer Tasks

My last post was about my requirements and I’m happy to say I was cleared on time. I printed my forms a week after that and I celebrated my brother’s virtual graduation the next day. It is always a relief to finish tasks on time knowing that I didn’t make anybody’s work life miserable because I did my part.

It’s clockwork. My job is composed of menial tasks after class which can be easily done by a computer. Sabrina Ongkiko posted on Facebook that they still make report cards by hand. I can’t relate because I’m a private school teacher but I still complain about filling out grades in Form 137 using Microsoft Excel. Other schools automatically generate them from their system. Just wow. I heard the Department of Education is looking forward to digitizing data. The Learner Information System looks promising. It requires a lot of work but the vision is possible.

Speaking of which, our enrollment is fully done online. This is our job now. School will start again in August. We exert effort in encouraging students to continue their studies because it can’t be helped. I don’t like online classes and I feel like I can’t go through the same process again, but what can I do? I just take advantage of this to make up with the eye-damaging situation.

The task I have now allows me to run errands. I did the groceries this month, bought fish and vegetables, accompanied my mom for her check-up, and did some of the chores. It’s just the two of us now. She depends more on me when it comes to going outside. Sometimes she orders me around as if I don’t have a job to keep up with. This is kind of irritating but she has health issues now, so I have to be patient. I’m trying to wrap my head around it. This is the first time I’ve seen her so helpless about something and she’s only 47. By saying this, you can sense that I cope poorly with our situation but I’m trying to be helpful and sensitive.

I have a lot to reflect on last month. Adulting sucks. This is the post.

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Last Weeks of S.Y. 2020-2021

Hi ๐Ÿ™‚

What can I say? It sure feels nice to be alive.

I’ve been sick twice and got my period during the busiest days of the month but you know what? I survived!

Just like what I said in this blog, the first and last weeks of classes are the most stressful for me. Classes are done but we are still busy with grades, remediation, deliberation, and follow-ups. I can’t write a week’s worth of tasks I ticked this month because we’re not yet done with everything. Nothing is officially done. We are still extending our deadlines for students and waiting on them means our tasks are put on hold too. The end seems too far for me but I’m doing my best to start tasks I can do while waiting for accurate data. I’m now psyching myself up for the most menial task I’ve been putting off for weeks now that is the filling out of forms. There are piles of them and I’m anticipating a week of multitasking. I love paperwork because they don’t take much mental energy. All I have to do is to make sure that I have the right data and I can start completing forms. There is a sense of satisfaction in filling out forms. I gather, organize, and interpret data. My favorite is declaring who made it in the graduation list which will not happen very soon.

This month has been tough for me. I attempted to construct a timeline here but it wouldn’t do justice on the work I did and will do this month. Good thing our program head is keen on reminding us about our tasks. I’m still doing the best that I can. I can finish tasks all by myself but most of what I have on my plate right now require dependence on others — subject teachers, fellow class advisers, program heads, the principal, the school registrar, other Junior High Schools, even the production office for A4 bond papers and ink.

I’m writing this post to mark the start of ticking off tasks for my clearance. I’m not pushing myself hard on this. My main goal is accuracy. I saved enough money this summer so, I’m not worried if I submit my requirements late. All I care about is to not make stupid mistakes. Note to self: when in doubt, ask questions. Pester people. Consult, consult, consult.

This post doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t have to. I’m just writing this to hype myself up for the hell week.

I can do this! (slowly and accurately).

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About A Book I Read in High School

There used to be an English teacher who volunteered to teach grammar in public schools. He taught in my school one summer and was disappointed to find four students: me, my bestfriend, and two freshmen I didn’t know. He taught us about prepositions saying that most of his Filipino students get confused with this part of speech and I agree with him. Prepositions, conjunctions, and conjugations are tricky. He corrected our pronunciation too. I did well and he said I sounded like I studied from a private school. At that moment, I felt smug and embarrassed for my other three companions but recalling this now makes me wince. The way he taught language before is now wrong in so many levels but I will not talk about it here. Anyway, his intentions were good but he had to stop our session because he felt he could help more students in other schools. He gave the four of us apple notebooks as tokens of appreciation for our attendance.

This apple notebook hehe
Image Source:

He also donated boxes of this book for our school library. It took me a year to finish this book because I didn’t know I could borrow books from the library. I read this during my last year in high school. I was not a shy kid. I just respected my teachers too much that I didn’t want to talk to them outside class hours. It was only in my senior year that I gained the courage to speak to my teachers to cut class and stay in the library. By cutting classes I mean being excused from class activities to prepare for school competitions. I read this during these times.

This is a children’s book written for fifth graders but I still found this exhilarating when I was 16. This is a book about children who can travel through time. They meet a kid whose sister is dying and the only medicine that can cure her is penicillin which is not yet discovered by Alexander Fleming. So, they travel to direct Alexander in his accidental discovery of the medicine. Reading this reminded me of this part in “Dragon Tales”.

This book has a special place in my heart. I enjoyed reading this because the adventures are thrilling and the story has a happy ending. This helped me recover from the tragic love story of Maria Clara and Crisostomo Ibarra/Simoun which I will write for another time.

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Ugh, Facebook

This post may sound like a repetition of Cal Newport’s take on digital minimalism and that’s because I binged on his YouTube videos when I took the 30-day social media challenge. I had a hard time replacing my digital activities with analog ones. It’s been 60 days and I admit I still want to recreate my Facebook account. This thought leads me to reflect on another set of existential crisis but I will start with why I liked and dislike Facebook now.

Why I Liked Facebook

Facebook was cool. The year was 2009 and I couldn’t afford to be online all the time. My visits to internet cafes were precious to me and I killed my time by checking my friends’ posts. It was fun because it’s new and my friends were my age. I posted casually. I didn’t worry about caption and aesthetics before.

Facebook was for documentation. I used to believe that being a teenager was the best stage of my life. I took lots of photos, begged my friends to tag me in theirs, and stored them in albums. Facebook had my memories since I was 15. It reminded me of my exciting and promising life as a young adult.

Facebook is free storage. This is a fact. I saved my school files here from photos, presentations, notes, and additional readings. Notes was such a helpful feature because I typed my essays here first and posted them privately to be copied, pasted, and edited in Microsoft Word to save time and money for encoding.

Facebook was my bookshelf. The reading activity feature was also my favorite because it keeps tabs on books I’ve read before. I read popular books and it was nice to look at my timeline and see beautiful covers of books I’ve read.

Facebook was my resume. I was told to keep a dignified stance in my posts because my superiors read them. I curated my posts there making it look like I was up to something and it worked. It helped me with my employment. I was friends with our college secretary and she offered me a job and I got it. First impressions last sometimes and Facebook reminded the adults in my life with that.

Why I Dislike Facebook

Facebook is not social anymore. Not too long ago, Facebook presented my friends’ posts in chronological order. Now, I have to tweak my settings to read posts in real time. Advertisements are eerie. They’re specific and they follow me everywhere in the internet. Suggested posts are annoying too. They do these to their users and I doubt if my friends fight for control to see my posts.

Facebook holds my fun memories. Younger me was social back then. I see my friends,ย  initiate meetings, join activities, and speak about my personal life. Facebook memories feature unearths my old posts making me compare myself and my life before with the present. This bit is not fun especially when I read posts about people whom I’ve outgrown and people who outgrow me too.

Facebook has my data. It has eleven years worth of data. I know they’re useless but I could feel its control. It’s subtle like buying things because I saw them on Facebook or going to places because my friends were there. It also serves me content about my strong beliefs. It made me feel like I can create my world based on how they organize my information.

Facebook is about popularity. I love a well-curated timeline and photos of books are my favorite display. I started reading popular books when I was younger because I wanted to relate with my peers. Now, I acquired a definite liking of books based on my mood and most of these are not popular. When I type them for status, Facebook only pops a white photo. It doesn’t go well with my aesthetics so, I stopped updating my reading list there.

Facebook messes with my life. I don’t know where to draw the line between personal and work when it comes to content. My work is part of my personal life and I want my family and relatives to see that my work is not fun but doing this makes me sound whiny to my colleagues. There are times when I thought of posting my achievements on Facebook but doing so makes me sound insensitive.

Maybe I’m just lazy to personalize my Facebook experience or maybe I’m taking things too seriously. I have no idea as of this moment. All I’m doing during this break, aside from stalking Cal, is watching videos about people who did the same – – quit social media and lurk in YouTube. My brain has a lot of rewiring to do. This is all it can muster for now.

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Always is number 5 in the Likert scale the school used to evaluate me.

The principal sent me the result of my evaluation and I was rated high for the first time in my five years of teaching. My rating is higher than the overall rating of our department and it makes me happy. I’m not usually driven by numbers but it feels good to have a proof that I don’t need coaching. I still can’t avoid it because it’s a requirement but I used the data to tell my heads that I’m doing well. I know what I’m doing.

I’m happy to know that somehow I’m helping students deal with their studies. I simplify things for them, my tasks are easy if not inspiring, and I try to be less intimidating in written communication. I give quick and informative feedback too. Maybe these are the reasons why I’m rated high.

I don’t want to be noticed at work but I’m just happy to share with you that my principal said she’s proud of me after knowing that I did well in my class observations as told by a head from Manila.

I haven’t lost it — my mind and my passion for teaching! I’m doing great because things still make sense to me. I’m grateful that my job allows me to be creative and realistic at the same time. I can’t wait for classes to be back soon. I promised myself in college that I will not be a burden to my students and I’m doing it now. I love myself for this.

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Books I Read When I Was Bored

I treasure the days when I was bored I read anything. It was in the early 2000s and I lived in an extended family. The accumulation of textbooks that my grandma kept, directories that my father gave me from work, school publications that my auntie let me borrow, and other reading materials I was required to read as a child contributed to my love for reading.

The variety fascinates me. They come in different colors, fonts, and sizes. I love the feel of paper on my hands and the look of admiration on my aunties and uncles’ faces whenever they see me reading a book. I was just looking for pictures at first because I drew a lot as a kid (I drew on yellow pages hehe). The reading for fun part was not that fun because these materials are not written for a child’s entertainment. But I was too bored that I read them anyway.

This has something to do with the crappy government-issued textbooks we used in public schools. Illustrations are weird, texts are too simplified, the covers are meh. I looked for other materials to read. Our library didn’t help that much. The shelves contained clones of our textbooks in very good condition. I swapped them with my dog-eared ones ninja style. I still read them though. There is a sense of satisfaction whenever I understand something from those pitiful pages. It’s like finding treasures in a pile of trash.

I say trash because I compared them with my cousins’ private school textbooks. Others say the kind of student you are doesn’t depend on the school you’re enrolled in. Well I say, it’s still a factor. If I read everything they used in school, I would’ve been good at writing this post haha. My auntie and her daughters influenced me a lot. They didn’t motivate me to read but they let me read and borrow books.

I brought those books with me in school and I fact-checked my teachers’ discussions with them. It felt nice to be that involved in class but I also annoyed some classmates. It didn’t stop me though. I took their bookish insults as compliments. I mean, that was actually nice of them to notice and to associate my name with books is quite flattering.

I still read in high school but not that much. That was the time when I left my hometown. I felt alone. The kids here were friendly but we didn’t have the same interests. I didn’t hang out with them. I spent my time rereading my favorite textbook and Time Magazine’s 2001 Almanac instead. I can still recall interesting contents from that book. I read about the Filipino who created the love bug, people’s fascination with Harry Potter, how the new year, new millennium looked in different parts of the world, the list of winners in Pulitzer, Nobel, and other award-giving bodies, and the article about smoking that I plagiarized for our school publication’s science and technology section.

I didn’t have a role model growing up. I’m the only one in my family who loves books this much. Books are expensive and I didn’t know there are books written for me. When I was younger, I thought reading only requires discipline that’s why I feel good about myself when I read something that others my age find difficult to understand. I know what an almanac is, I looked up my name in a Webster’s dictionary, I traced a map on at atlas, I read captions of photos in encyclopedias and I read my textbooks in advance. Not quite a feat but given the choices I had that time, I still feel accomplished.

My love for reading started this way. It started when I was bored.

I feel like I have to write this post before blabbing about the books I read in separate posts because I still have this urge to organize my Goodreads account. I know I can present this post well, but I’m too occupied to rewrite this. I will edit this next time.

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My History of Phones

I want to buy a new smartphone but I’m still indecisive. While I’m weighing my options and saving money, I thought of recalling the phones I used since 2010.

Samsung E1080T (2010-2011)

Image from

I’m 26 years old by the way, that means I had my first phone when I was 16. My father gave me my first phone on September 9, 2010. It’s a bar phone and it cost 999 pesos that year. The phone can do call and text only. It has no radio, no MP3 player, and no camera. It has two games in it and a colored screen. I love this phone because I met my LDR boyfriend here. Sadly, my father gave my phone to his workmate in exchange for his Cherry Mobile touchscreen phone with TV. It broke after a few months.

Samsung Corby 2 ( 2011-2016 )

Image from

My father made it up to me when he bought me this, my first touchscreen phone. It’s a big deal for me because I didn’t ask for it. I thought I’d have hand-me-downs from him or his workmates. I thought it would be another bar phone or a qwerty but I skipped that stage (lol) to a touchscreen phone with Wi-Fi connectivity.

I never thought my father could afford it too. It was 5, 640 pesos that time. He bought it on a fiesta sale and I thought I’d break it after a few months but it didn’t. I survived my college years without a laptop because of this phone and I used this again during my first year of work when my smartphone’s battery swelled.

Lenovo a316i (2014-2016)

Image from

This is my classmate’s old phone. She had this for two months before she sold this to me for 3,000 pesos. My teacher told us that student-teachers should have a laptop, a tablet, or at least a smartphone to keep up with technology. This phone helped me with my school files and presentations, board exam review, and practicum documentation. The battery swelled because I used this while charging.

Cherry Mobile F12 (2016)

Image from

While saving money to buy a Type A battery for my phone, I bought this bar phone for 699 pesos. I was a bum after college. I attended reviews on weekends but on weekdays, I just watched AlDub with it. This phone can surf the net, do Facebook, play music, and catch TV channels for only 699 pesos! I was constantly worried that this phone would break in no time and I was right. My brother used this at work and accidentally dropped this on a machine. I wasn’t mad about it because it’s cheap but it meant I had to borrow my old Samsung from my mother to use for work. My Lenovo phone with it’s new battery only worked for a few months until it died. Samsung is still a superior phone for me.

LG K5 ( 2016-2018 )

Image from

My Corby 2 is not a smartphone so, I bought a new one in haste. This phone cost 4999 pesos and it didn’t take me long to realize that this phone is crap. The camera is crap and this was the phone I had when I went to Bohol with my closest friends – – the best trip of my life, yet. My photos were salvaged because of camera apps. Crap and all, I still have this phone. My brother survived college with this phone. This is also the phone I used to send my last text message to my LDR boyfriend.

Huawei Y6 2018 ( 2018 – present )

Image from

New phone, new life. This is my phone now. I originally planned to gift this phone to my mother but she declined the moment I purchased this. I was annoyed. I could’ve chosen a better one but, I learned to love this phone. For 5999 pesos, I enjoy a fast browsing experience, a decent front and rear camera, and a sturdy design. I dropped this several times without a phone case. This isย slim but a heavy phone for my lady hands, so I don’t use my rubber cat phone case that much. I don’t mind breaking this to be honest. I don’t mind the scratches and dents at all because this has dust marks the first month I used this caused by using a cheap plastic phone case.

I’m saving money to buy the phone I really like. Smartphones are getting better every year so, this is good news for me. For now, I have to maximize the use of my phone. I’m quite proud of myself for doing this hehe.

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Reality TV Shows I Watched Recently

Hello ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s been a while.

Things have been busy lately but I’m still proud to say I was able to squeeze some time to finish reality TV shows in between faculty meetings and endless student monitoring activities. Here are five reality TV shows I watched this quarantine on Netflix.

The Final Table

Image from

This is a cooking competition for the professional chefs around the world which offers no prize except dignity. The chefs are well-established in their hometowns and all they want is to sit with the best chefs at The Final Table. This is less dramatic, nobody is ridiculed here, and I could sense the sincerity of the contestants towards honing their craft. This is a stress-reliever I should say. I didn’t crave for food when watching this because I have no idea what they were cooking hehe.

Nailed It! Mexico

Image from

I watched this December last year. I peeked at its US counterpart but I still prefer this. Mexicans’ facial expressions are engaging to watch. I get Omar Chaparro’s jokes and Anna Ruiz gives good comments. The contestants are bakers who don’t know how to bake and they inspire me so much haha. The challenges are impossible to do because they are bad at baking goods already but the judges compensate by eating the cakes and giving encouraging remarks to the participants. I learned some things about the no-nos in baking even if I’ve never baked before. I love this show. It’s colorful, chaotic, and uplifting at the same time hehe.

Interior Design Masters

Image from

I love the idea of this show. It gives ordinary people a chance to put their vision into reality. The participants are not so ordinary in terms of experience. In one way or another, they experienced designing a place on their own. Anyway, it’s a vibrant, stressful, and fulfilling show to watch. I like the values I see from this show like how to listen to the customers’ brief intently and how to make them love your own vision of things. The British people love colors and patterns so much. The colors and patterns are not my taste but I learned some things about designing. This is a good watch.

Next in Fashion

Image from

Insert Taylor Swift’s voice “… I love the English”. The concepts of the English shows I’ve watched are direct, simple, and clear. There is drama but it’s not overly done. I love the sincerity and competence of the contestants here. They are just amazing! The process of making a piece of clothing from sketch to the runway is incredible. I have so much respect for their artistry and it hurts that I can’t afford them nor have the confidence to wear them hehe. It’s nice to get inside the head of fashion designers. The show debunks some prejudice I have with people who love fashion too much. I could use some help with my style choices hehe.

Sugar Rush

Image from

This is the professional version of Nailed It! Hunter March with his beard is hot hehe. I don’t know how the judges stay fit given their line of work. The judges are nice and critical and the contestants are talented. I didn’t know one could make cupcakes from bacon. I learned how baking also involves a lot of science. They are cool to watch and it makes me wonder how they can bake a cake that is not too sweet given the ingredients they have. The presentation of cupcakes, confections, and cakes are satisfying to watch. I didn’t crave for cake while watching this. I’m not really into sweets but the bacon cupcakes… I want to try them hehe.

There, I’m done blabbing about these shows hehe. I don’t write decent reviews if you noticed but I tell you, these shows are worth your time.

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Sunday Currently Vol. 2

It’s still Sunday in some parts of the world.

Hi ๐Ÿ™‚

I created this blog July of this year because of quarantine. My main purpose is to follow Filipino personal blogs because I’m a Filipino who is currently lost in life. It feels comforting to read from people who also feel the same or have overcome the uncertainty that one feels in her 20s. I’ve been lurking here for two years now. I keep on deleting my blogs because I couldn’t decide what to write here before. This blog is five months old and gained 25 followers. Some people I followed followed me back too. I don’t want to creep them out so, I write in this blog sometimes hehe.

This post is a sign of life. A proof that I’m not a robot hehe, just a reader who enjoys anonymity.

Also, today is the last Sunday of 2020 so yep.


The Quiet Ones by Glenn Diaz

I thought it would take me months to read this book because I don’t usually buy newly discovered books right away. But when I sneaked a quick stroll to Fully Booked after nine months, I found this arranged suspiciously on a shelf. I noticed that the color of the spine blended well with the books around it and if I didn’t read the titles of the books from top to bottom (this book was at the bottom), I wouldn’t see it. Some people are mean like this haha so, I bought the last thick (with bigger letters and ample spacing) copy and read the book this week. I will write a separate post about this soon ๐Ÿ™‚


Few hours before I typed this post, I was writing corrections on the margin of my printed class record. We just finished first semester this month and I’m almost done with clearance requirements. Yey!


I always complain about my neighbor’s radio so I counter it with YouTube. I listen to a lot of videos this week, mostly from commentary and educational channels.



I’m intimidated with shows like this so, it’s pleasantly surprising that I enjoy this show a lot. I like it so far. I like the analysis and the humor. I’m not interested with the characters’ personal lives. I feel like they are fillers. They take away the momentum of the action. I’m on Season 2 and I feel the drag already but I’ll watch all of it because my cousin likes this show too.


Digital Minimalism is not new but I like Cal Newport’s take on regulating our digital life. I started withdrawing from social media last year. I’m still thinking on how to manage my screen time. This is my nemesis. I spend a lot of my time staring at screens.


Nothing in particular. I guess I’m used to the old scent of this house.


For my vision to be clear again ๐Ÿ˜ฅ It keeps getting worse especially during this pandemic. Most interactions from students, colleagues, family, friends, and strangers happen online.


I hope for this pandemic to be over. I miss going out and seeing my friends.


A gray shirt and black pajamas. I love the rainy days here. It’s just the right amount of rainfall to keep people inside their homes and muffle the not-so-distant noise from the neighbors.


I love my dotted notebook. I’m trying to do bullet journaling this time and I’m taking it easy. I’m hunting for 2021 planners since September but the shops have not replenished their stocks yet and the planners available are not my type. So, I choose to design my own planner. I’m loving it so far โค๏ธ


I want to buy a Nokia feature phone, either a Nokia 3310 or Nokia 2720. I want to downgrade after knowing all the outrageous upgrades of phones this year. I mean it’s good but I can’t keep up anymore, not that I try. My Huawei Y6 2018 phone is still okay for me. I can still access Google in it.


A solid schedule for my screen time. This requires work and discipline. I need to plan this thoroughly.


I’m feeling hopeful that I can develop better habits for the next semester.


I’m still looking for personal blogs to follow. If you can recommend Filipino bloggers who are also teachers, the better ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s all.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings here. I enjoy reading them. Thank you for following this blog too. I hope you have a meaningful day of reflection before 2021 starts. Let’s all hope for better days ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

The Sunday Currently is originally created by SiddaThornton.

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About a Book I Stole

I stole this book from my second year high school adviser’s mini library. I borrowed it first then, I forgot to return it hehe. This is not the cover of the book I read. It has planets in it signifying that the wisdom from this book is out of this world which can be interpreted as the world as source of its wisdom or the wisdom from this book is unfathomable.

This is a daily devotional book for the SDA teens of 1989. I am not an SDA. I am a book thief hehe. I was 14 when I read this so, I find the contents of this book relatable. I have favorite entries here. This one I can still recall. This is about premarital sex. It says…

You wouldn’t want to sell your body would you? Dead or alive?! But sadly, many of our teens do, along with someone they like. They think,

“We  love each other. We should show each other just how much”.

This is the fastest way to get from love to hate.

I used these exact words when I was asked about premarital sex in an ambush interview conducted by procrastinating high school students inside our college library. If you are still reading this post righ now, I’m trying to tell you that I plagiarised my ideas too hehe. I was a book thief and a liar.

I don’t have this book anymore. We move a lot so, maybe I left this in our old rented room. I thank this book for teaching me my first concepts of forgiveness, death, and love. Of course, I know that things in this world are not black and white. I’m happy to notice that my view about things has changed as I mature. This is what I love about reading books after all ๐Ÿ™‚

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