About a Textbook I Love

Developmental Reading by Araceli M. Villamin, Evelyn S. Salazar, and Wilhelmina Gatmaitan. This is published by Phoenix Publishing House, Inc. in 1987 and reprinted in 1996. This is my auntie's book in college. The only decent book I stole from my grandma's sack before I joined my family here. I brought this in school once… Continue reading About a Textbook I Love


My First Liebster

Here are the rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.Answer the 11 questions given to you.Name 11 fun facts about yourself.Nominate 11 other bloggers.Ask your nominees 11 questions. Thank you Jomer for nominating me 😊 This is my first time to be nominated in an award like this… Continue reading My First Liebster


First Week of S. Y. 2020-2021

Image by Allie from Resplash Hi! What can I say, it feels nice to have a job again. It's orientation week but I was the one who was disoriented with everything from exposing myself to Facebook, stalking students' profiles, administering group chats (char), conducting video call meetings, calling students, and catching random office reminders before… Continue reading First Week of S. Y. 2020-2021


“Banana Heart Summer” by Merlinda Bobis

Image Source: Book cover from and author from I read an excerpt from this book when I taught Philippine literature three years ago. It was the fifth chapter "Lengua para diablo" (The devil ate my words). Since then, I've been looking for a copy of this book. When I have literary conversations with… Continue reading “Banana Heart Summer” by Merlinda Bobis


“The Collected Stories of Jessica Zafra”

Photos from Jessica's Blog Jessica Zafra is my favorite college instructor's favorite writer. She once used two of Zafra's blog posts for us to read in class. One is about Zafra's mother being a teacher and the other is about getting good grades in school. I was 18 and didn't see her appeal until I… Continue reading “The Collected Stories of Jessica Zafra”